U.S. Corporate Giving

Corporate giving can have great benefits for education, as well as community and economic development. Each year, corporations contribute billions of dollars in cash and services, which can improve a service’s ability to serve families and individuals in need. This Measure can help start important conversations with businesses about making a difference in their communities.

Giving in Numbers Survey: Trends in Corporate Giving, administered by the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP), reports on corporate giving programs around the world. Companies can use survey data to shape and evaluate philanthropic efforts. The survey found that community and economic development programs received $1.05 billion in corporate gifts in 2014, while K-12 education received $778 million.

Source: CECP’s Giving in Numbers Survey, 2014


Federal Allocations for Health Investments

Federal spending has the potential to support healthy behaviors. How do we prevent obesity if there are limitations placed on access to healthy food through supplemental nutritional programs like WIC and SNAP? How do we encourage walking and biking when there are no sidewalks or safe crossings on dangerous highways?

By measuring federal spending on programs related to nutrition and indoor/outdoor physical activity, we can track investments and collaborations between agencies and organizations. Resources with information about federal allocations include:


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